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How to be Filled with the Holy Spirit 

May 31, 2020 // Pastor Mike Schroeder

In this Pentecost service Pastor Mike, and a tag team of six friends, guide us on how to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Ultimately, God wants to fill all of us with His Spirit. Give the Holy Spirit full control of your life and let Him lead you!

What Does the Holy Spirit do?

May 24, 2020 // Pastor Mike Schroeder

The Holy Spirit draws us to God and transforms us. He teaches and guides us through gifts he provides every believer and through an intimate relationship with him. Make room for the Holy Spirit in your life and let him overwhelm you!

The Fruit of the Spirit

May 17, 2020 // Pastor Matt Janzen

The Holy Spirit leads us to the goodness of God. He works in us and changes us. When we rely on the Holy Spirit for our lives, he gives us the desire for goodness in our lives.

Who is the Holy Spirit?

May 3, 2020 // Pastor Mike Schroeder

He was sent to us from the Father to guide us, teach us, comfort us and give us joy! He is the voice of God who comes alongside us to help us! It's through the Holy Spirit that Jesus is present with us.

The Son and the Holy Spirit

April 26, 2020 // Pastor Matt Janzen

God gives us righteousness as a gift by faith in Jesus Christ. Our identity is in Christ who has made us the righteousness of God. His righteousness is given to everyone who believes.

The Father and the Holy Spirit

April 19, 2020 // Pastor Mike Schroeder

The Holy Spirit is the spirit of God. His presence is among us. He is our helper, our comforter, our advocate and he walks with us.

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