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The Value of being Kingdom Minded

November 12, 2023 // Pastor Matt Janzen

"We are part of something much bigger than ourselves therefore we think outside of ourselves." Pastor Matt Janzen.  Let's put God first in what He wants in every aspect of our lives.  It's His will to be done on the Earth.

The Value of Growth

November 5, 2023 // Pastor Matt Janzen

"That Christ would be formed in us, so that we can encourage others to be reconciled to God and see Christ formed in them."  Pastor Matt Janzen.  Let's keep seeking God and grow in the knowledge of Him,  so that we can bring people to Jesus. 

The Value of Family

October 29, 2023 // Pastors Matt and Tonya Janzen

"We are all part of the family of God because of what He has done through His son Jesus Christ."  Pastor Tonya Janzen.  Let's not allow our differences to divide us but be united in Christ because he is greater than all our differences.

The Value of Honour

October 22, 2023 // Pastor Matt Janzen

"We have been given great honour and value from God so we therefore value and honour others."  Pastor Matt Janzen.  Let's be a church with a culture of honour and cheer each other on.  Let's show people the love of Jesus!

The Value of Rest

October 15, 2023 // Pastors Matt and Tonya Janzen

Let's be people who take time out of our busy day to rest, to intentionally take time to slow down, to replenish ourselves and to listen for what God has to say to us.  Our confidence is in Him because of His Rest.

The Value of Prayer

October 8, 2023 // Pastor Matt Janzen

"Prayer is not meant to be a transaction, prayer is meant to be a connection with our loving Father." Pastor Matt Janzen.  Let's make prayer a priority to build a relationship with Jesus.!

The Value of Worship

October 1, 2023 // Pastor Matt Janzen

"Musical worship is the pathway to the presence of God!"  Pastor Matt Janzen.  Let's make meeting together a priority so that we can lift our voices together and sing our praises to our God!

The Word of God

September 24, 2023 // Pastor Matt Janzen

"We live in a society today that is drifting further away from the word of God, from the truth of His word." Pastor Matt Janzen.  Let's be people who look to the scriptures as the standard of truth for our world today and build our lives on His word.

Our Vision at Life Church

September 17, 2023 // Pastor Matt Janzen

Our value here at Life Church is "We are here to care for and bring people to Jesus."  As people of faith let's bring people into God's presence and position them so they can have an encounter with Jesus!  It's Jesus who saves!

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