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Psalm 23.6

March 5, 2023 // Pastor MattJanzen

What a promise we have from God! His goodness and mercy is always coming after us, He is looking to restore us.  Let's be people who stand firm on this promise!

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Psalm 23.5

February 26, 2023 // Pastor Tonya Janzen

We can rest in the knowledge that God knows what we're going through and what we need and He's preparing the way for us.  He is our Shepherd  and He protects His flock so we don't have to fear.  

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Psalm 23.4

February 19, 2023 // Pastor Mike Schroeder

The Lord is our Shepherd, he watches over us and protects us.  We don't have to fear because God goes before us and makes our way straight.  When we feel stuck, let's keep focused on Jesus and he will walk us through.

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Psalm 23.3

February 12, 2023 // Pastor Matt Janzen

God is the restorer of all life! He wants to lift us back up so we can glorify Him and live the life He intended for us.  Give Him all your burdens.  He will walk with you, restore you and give you peace and joy.

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Psalm 23.2

February 5, 2023 // Pastor Matt Janzen

The Good Shepherd is always with us and his name is Jesus.  He will never leave us or abandon us.  As believers, we have confidence that when we turn to Jesus, when he is near to us, we will have the true rest and peace that only God can give us.

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Psalm 23.1

January 29, 2023 // Pastor Matt Janzen

We can rely on God completely because He knows the way - He IS the way!  Let's be people who allow the Lord to guide us and let him be our Shepherd.

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