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Greater Than Life Church

February 16, 2020 // Pastor Matt Janzen

God is at work in the world today and moving on this planet through His church. We are the body of Christ! It doesn't matter where we worship but we need to lift up the name of Jesus and keep our eyes on him!

Greater Than Culture & Politics

February 2, 2020 // Pastor Mike Schroeder

Today, much of our focus is on social media, the 3 minutes videos, and endless notifications, which erode our capacity to hear God. Don't copy the behaviour of this world, but instead, let God remould your mind and transform you.

Greater Than Anxiety & Depression

January 26, 2020 // Pastor Mike Schroeder

Anxiety and depression is so prevalent in the world today but God tells us not to be afraid, cast all our anxieties on Him. For us to transfer our focus from the things of this world to the concerns of heaven. Jesus is with you where you are!

Greater Than Sickness

January 19, 2020 // Pastor Matt Janzen

The wages of sin is death but because of God's grace and love, He wants to heal and restore us. We don't always understand but we need to have faith that God is working, even when we don't see it.

Greater Than Sin

January 12, 2020 // Pastor Mike Schroeder

Because of Adam, sin was brought into this world. It's our human nature to sin which separates us from God, but our GOD IS GREATER. He loves us and through His wonderful grace and faith in Jesus Christ we receive His gift of forgiveness.

Greater Than Our Vision

January 5, 2020 // Pastor Matt Janzen

What do you see? No one knows what the future holds, we can't see what lies ahead. This year we will have great events happening but there will also be dark times. But no matter what we face, our God is greater than anything we may face!

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