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May 30, 2021 // Pastor Mike Schroeder

Let our confidence be in our God who loves us. Let's be people of faith which will lead towards optimism and have a life of positive expectations. AUDIO  |  VIDEO


May 23, 2021 // Pastor Matt Janzen

Jesus called us to love everyone, regardless of our differences. Let's show kindness and love to others. Be a blessing to someone today, help your neighbour! A powerful message on love.  AUDIO  |  VIDEO


May 9, 2021 // Pastor Mike Schroeder

God wants us to honour each other, to build each other up and show others they are of value. Let's be people of honour, who honour others and honour God.  AUDIO VIDEO


May 2, 2021 // Pastor Matt Janzen

When we take our focus off ourselves we will begin to see others in a new light. We can have quiet confidence in Christ knowing He is our source for everything.  AUDIO  |  VIDEO


April 25, 2021 // Pastor Mike Schroeder

Let's be people of integrity in every situation, even when no one can see it. Life a life honouring our God who is the God of integrity.  AUDIO  |  VIDEO


April 18, 2021 // Pastor Matt Janzen

Our life experiences give us wisdom. Our experiences allow us to see things that others don't see, to see things from a different perspective. The perspective that there is a bigger picture.  AUDIO  |  VIDEO


April 11, 2021 // Pastor Mike Schroeder

Because we have been clothed in God's kindness, we can show that kindness to others.  AUDIO  |  VIDEO

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