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Vision of the River

April 5, 2020 // Pastor Mike Schroeder

The presence of God brings us life. The life that comes from Jesus Christ. Go deeper and deeper into a relationship with Christ just as the river gets deeper and deeper.

The Glory Returns

March 29, 2020 // Pastors Mike Schroeder & Matt Janzen

Let us find comfort in God's presence surrounding us! Let us rejoice in His mighty power!


March 22, 2020 // Pastor Matt Janzen

Hold onto God's promises. He is our firm foundation and will bring order in a time of chaos. Look to God and He will give you hope and will restore you!

A New Heart

March 15, 2020 // Pastors Mike Schroeder & Matt Janzen

They refocus our fears and help us to help us this continue in faith and prayer!

The Call of God

March 8, 2020 // Pastor Matt Janzen

God is calling each and everyone of us into a relationship with Him. The truth is that we are sinners and need a Saviour. Respond to the call, repent, and let God restore you.

Vision of the Cheribum

March 1, 2020 // Pastor Mike Schroeder

The spiritual imagery in this book is difficult to understand but God is sovereign;  He's all powerful, all knowing, and He sees us (we are accountable and God is watching over us with love). Don't be surprised when God intersects in your life and He asks you to move with Him – be ready!

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