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December 24, 2023 // Pastor Matt Janzen

"Jesus is a gift that we didn't earn but that was given to us because of His love."  Pastor Matt Janzen.  "This is the great gift of Christmas, that He loves you,"

We are loved not because of what we have done or how good we are, but because God is LOVE.!


December 17, 2023 // Pastor Matt Janzen

"I believe you can experience the Joy of God as you choose to agree with the Promises of God."  Pastor Matt Janzen.  

Choose to believe in the promises of God and He will give you immeasurable JOY!


December 10, 2023 // Pastor Mike Schroeder

"There's a peace that comes from Heaven, not like the world."  Pastor Mike Schroeder.   We have the assurance of a peace we can only have through Jesus Christ.  It's God's promise to us that when we trust in Him, He will gives us PEACE!


December 3, 2023 // Pastor Ev Schroeder

Hope is not a mere wish but a confident expectation of something to come.    "Christians need to have hope as it motivates us to move forward and navigate those turbulent waters without despair."  Pastor Ev Schroeder.  God has something more for you so keep your eyes on Jesus who is our HOPE!

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