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Motion College

February 18, 2024 // Dax and Teagan from Motion College

Our guest speakers from Motion College in Kamloops, deliver a beautiful message about "Faith that can act as the foundation for your life" and "Faith in Adversity."  This message will help build and strengthen your faith in Jesus Christ.

That we may see Him

February 11, 2024 // Pastor Matt Janzen

"We can see the evidence of Jesus' life everywhere around us...are you looking for him in your daily life?"  Pastor Matt Janzen.  Let's be people who open our eyes and minds to the evidence of Jesus around us!

The Bread of Life

February 4, 2024 // Pastor Matt Janzen

Pastor Matt continues our seres "A Walk With Jesus" and speaks of satisfying our spiritual hunger by seeking Jesus.  "When you seek the giver and not the gift, your identity is secure in him.  Let's be people who go after his presence and not his blessings."  Pastor Matt Janzen.


January 28, 2024 // Pastor Matt Janzen

Pastor Matt speaks about the importance of having a close relationship with Jesus and carrying his fragrance to the world.  "What God is looking for is not perfection but it's those who sell everything to pursue him."  Pastor Matt Janzen.  Let's be people with the kind of faith that will do everything to get to Jesus!

The Sound of His Voice

January 21, 2024 // Pastor Matt Janzen

Our Pastor Matt Janzen emphasizes the importance of knowing Jesus personally and recognizing his voice.  It encourages us to dive into the scriptures for ourselves and to rely on Jesus in all aspects of life. "Let's get to know Jesus so that when he moves around, we recognize his hand in everything." Pastor Matt Janzen.

The Fragrance of Jesus

January 14, 2024 // Pastor Matt Janzen

"What if I could know Jesus so well that I would carry the fragrance of him everywhere that I go?"  Pastor Matt Janzen.  Let's be people who turn to Jesus and get to know him in a greater way.

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