Spirit Activated Gatherings

March 21, 2021 // Pastor Mike Schroeder

Pastor Mike speaks about how, as followers of Jesus, the Holy Spirit manifests his power in us and works through us for the common good.
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Balanced Church Life

March 14, 2021 // Pastor Mike Schroeder

Pastor Mike shares God's heart for the church and that Christ has given gifts to the body to equip the body.

Walking in Your Gifts

March 7, 2021 // Pastor Matt Janzen

We are all valuable in God's sight. He has put a unique treasure inside each of us that we can use to help others. Fix your eyes on Jesus and discover who he has created you to be.   

February 28, 2021 // Pastor Matt Janzen

God gives us gifts that are uniquely designed for us, that which help us fulfill the purpose God has for us here on earth. These gifts give us the power to live out our faith. They are from God... to glorify God. 

February 21, 2021 // Pastor Mike Schroeder

We all have a part to play in the body of Christ! We all have unique gifts that God has gifted us with. We are a treasure to the body and have been placed there, not only to be blessed but to bless others.