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Ark of Christ Mission


Ark of Christ Mission is a group of indigenous churches in Malawi and Mozambique, Africa.  This ministry is overseen by a team of strong leaders led by Bishop Lameck Makonzera.

Life Church is helping these Pastors and church leaders with hospitality at their annual conventions, bicycles/repairs (their basic transportation), Covid-19 supplies and various development projects.
We recently provided 4 new classrooms and much-need textbooks to a local elementary school in the community and we provide monthly support to the orphaned children of a deceased Pastor and his wife.
Over the years our Pastor Mike Schroeder has been there seven times to speak to leaders at their annual convention and to see first-hand the many projects for which Life Church provided. A significant provider of funds for this effort is our Living Room Store.
If you'd like to contribute to this mission, please go to our giving page, or feel free to contact us for more information.

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